Nets on Fire is a non-profit basketball facility located in Saint George, Utah. The facility features four, top quality courts where we hold tournaments, leagues, camps, and rent space out to others for athletic and non-athletic events. Court Rentals are available for team practices for Volleyball and Basketball. We offer individual, group, and team basketball training for K-12 grade and work with boys and girls of all skill levels. Our “Leadership Academy” program is available to any kids who want to join. It is focused on character building through mentorship events, educational workshops teaching life skills, fun activities, and service projects.



We ask that all who visit or participate at “Nets on Fire,” remember to appreciate and respect the space that has been provided. This is a non-profit facility that has had a lot of work and money put into it for your enjoyment. Please help us take care of it so it will stay a high quality facility for the community and youth to enjoy for a years to come. If you are using the facility, we ask that you contribute in some way. You can contribute by participating in training and events, volunteering your time, or through donations/sponsorship.

All of the following rules are in place to help maintain the condition of the facility, and provide a positive, clean, and safe environment. “Nets on Fire” is committed to providing all participants and guests with an enjoyable experience. Anyone who violates these rules may be asked to leave.


  • Players participate at their own risk. Nets on Fire doesn’t cover any injury sustained while at our facility. All participants must sign a waiver or if under 18, have a legal guardian sign a waiver on their behalf in order to play within the facility.
  • Players must wear the proper attire and clean gym shoes. No street shoes are allowed on the courts.
  • Parents are responsible to watch their children at all times. Damage caused by unsupervised children will be the responsibility of the parent/s to replace and/or restore to its original state
  • All guests are responsible for their belongings. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please take a minute to gather all your things, including trash, before you leave.
  • Food is not permitted on the courts or bench area. Only bottled water. Food is allowed upstairs in the concession area.
  • No GUM! Gum has been a big problem. Put your gum in the trash before entering the court area.
  • If you make a mess on the courts or in the restrooms please clean it up or let one of the staff know. Help us keep the facility clean.
  • Please be courteous and respectful of others and the facility. We expect players and spectators to show good sportsmanship and create a positive atmosphere free from profanity, yelling, disrespect, or fighting.
  • Please sit in the designated areas and keep the walkways and sidelines clear.
  • Make sure to put all balls and equipment back in the proper place when finished using them.
  • No smoking, drug, or alcohol use.